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Youth at work


Development starts at a young age.

Not every child has the same intellectual capacity.

The educational choices after primary school should be related to the cognitive development of the children.


Offering tailor made education for children of any

intellectual level is crucial for a continuous and

progressive development in society.


KPM Printmedia Consultancy offers a complete tailor

made set-up of Graphic Vocational Training for

adolescents with creative talent and technical skills.



KPM-GVT Graphic Vocational Training



After they have followed this training they can start to

put their knowledge into practise at creative graphic design studios or printing departments. They can continue learning the profession and specialize further on in their chosen direction of studies.


In this stage, they still will be connected with school and they will return once a week for their classes.


Stage 1:

Duration 3 years

Diploma Course


Stage 2:

Duration 1-2 years

Diploma Course