KPM Printmedia Consultancy

Training and technical printmedia advice worldwide

The training or workshop is offered when you purchase your new machine. It is part of the total service package of our company

and can be ordered on top of our standard delivery conditions. For more information and prices contact: or




As your global partner in machine training & workshops, KPM Printmedia Consultancy offers you a unique cooperation with Gutenberg Industrial Printing Machines. After installation of your Offset Press we offer you:

Machine Training & Workshops Print Media

  • Test printing
  • Workshops and machine training
  • Workflow improvement
  • Standardization of Offset printing proces
  • Improving on strength by modernizing companies
  • General print media advice



Benefits of the training:

  • Complete knowledge of the new machine
  • Immediate production capacity
  • Competitive quality standards
  • Tailor made, according to your educational needs
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • European Quality Standard Certificate provided